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What is the S.D.P.C.A.?

The San Diego Police Canine Association, S.D.P.C.A., was formed in 1984 along with the newly formed San Diego Police Canine Unit.  The original mission was to raise funds for the new canine unit which was underfunded.

As the years passed, the Canine Unit was figured into the City budget and the role of the S.D.P.C.A. changed. The current role evolved into support for the Police Dogs after they retire and funding for non-budgeted expenses during their working years.

With recent budget issues affecting all government spending, we started to look at how we could help improve the working life and retirement life of the dogs.  We knew that there was no money available unless it was essential.

The cost of an effective police dog service team is expensive. The typical costs include, the purchase of the dog, the vehicle, the handlers' pay and training, and the daily expenses (food and veterinary care). After a dog's retirement, these costs are assumed by the handler.  These expenses can be steep. 

With the help of generous citizen tax deductible donations, the S.D.P.C.A. aids in the maintenance of the retired police service dog.

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