San Diego Police Canine Association
Taking care of those who took care of us
With your generous donations we help offset the expenses of giving our canine crime fighters a well deserved retirement.
When a police dog retires the handler assumes all the costs.  This includes food, shelter and often-extensive medical expenditures.  

Unlike their human partners, these crime fighters don't have a medical plan.  That's where the San Diego Police Canine Association steps in.  
The San Diego Police Canine Associaton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, both with the IRS and the State of California.  See your tax professional about making tax deductible donations. 
  1. Mail
    San Diego Police Canine Association Attn: Pete Caruso 8388 Vickers Street San Diego, Ca 92111-2109
  2. Online
    You can donate online via PayPal.
  1. Goals
    We are committed to improving the retired and working lives of our canine crime fighters. We assist with the following: Veterinary Costs Kennels and Dog Houses Improving Training Improving the Training Facility
  2. Passion
    We are not affiliated with the San Diego Police Department, however we appreciate the hard work and dedication of their canine teams to protect our community. We strive to make sure every retired police dog has a healthy, comfortable retirement.
  3. The Team
    Our organization is 100% volunteer; we do not draw salaries and have very low over head. We want as much of your donation as possible to go to the aid of our four legged friends.